Studies Show that the Odds are Against You!
Measure & adjust

Chances are great that you suffer from diminished self-esteem , self confidence, in one or more life areas too.

Bumps and bruises result from something as simple as someone neglecting us at an emotionally important moment or perhaps making negative remarks such as:

“You are Not Good Enough”
“You aren’t Worth that Much”
“You’re not the Only One in This World”
“You Should Have Done it Better”
 Think about it for a second…
I will hold your hand
Did anyone ever teach you how to optimize how to fall in love with YOU?
Did anyone ever show you how to ward off assaults to your self-worth?
Or even worse, did the people around you – those who influenced you most during your childhood – know how to best nurture you, champion your self-image?
Were they effective in sheltering you from the constant negativity coming from others – critical comments, false remarks, denigrating communications (either explicit or implied) or other assaults to your self-esteem confidence?
It took me years to get this!

Take a moment and reflect back, recalling a time or two in your life when you first felt the hurt of not measuring up or the absence of love. What happened? What did you decide about yourself as a result of this event? What did you decide about other people? All these upsets combined to diminish you loving YOU.

If you are constantly missing the mark, trying, doing and nothing is making a difference in your life. In our session we go to the ROOT cause 85% of us experience some form of diminished self-confidence, self esteem changing this is a game changer.

I am here

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