Ladies I’m just going to say it; you’re not having enough sex with your husband
Now before you cancel me
Read below a real life conversation (and hundreds more) with successful, high achieving women who are not sexually satisfied in their marriages.

Some women I speak to are struggling with fantasising about other men/affairs.
As you can see in the message the lady says she wants to be desired by her husband because she has a high sex drive.

This is the most COMMON problem I see with most of my clients. The need to be wanted sexually
You’re making money, have the dream career but your sex life is just…well..not there.

However you’re ashamed to admit it, because you don’t want to come across as desperate.

You’ve been taught to make the man ‘work for it’ (as in deprive him of sex for months, so that he can focus on bringing home the bread. And ONLY when he’s reached a certain standard will you then give him sex)

Look, all these beliefs, stories, games are just messing up your marriage and your confidence.

Here’s what I want you to do
Write a shopping list of needs (max 5 needs) that will make you feel fulfilled in the marriage, and give it to your husband……….
If sex is a priority write it as no.1.
And then continue to write other things you need (such as being called beautiful, hugs, holding hands,kisses etc)
Now whenever you’re having an off day and you don’t know how to tell your husband, without starting an argument, ask him to look at the top 3 needs you listed and see if he’s given them to you. by doing this you’re taking the guesswork out of the equation and also saving tons of time from arguing.

Your HUSBAND isn’t telepathic, he doesn’t know how to figure out what you want.
This is what I worked on, with a 1:1 client. She was struggling with sexual abuse from childhood, and it was affecting the intimacy in her marriage….Sex made her feel dirty and ashamed.
After a releasing the emotion from the trauma, she was able to open up to her husband, express her needs, and reconnect intimately.
Not only that but she made more sales in her business.
This is the power of Abundance Rewiring. If you’re ready for a session send me a message, hugs

I am here

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