Manifesting Magnets

They are simple reminders that quickly connect you with your true manifesting energy…They automatically tune you in to the vibration of abundance, so you become a magnet to money, opportunity, love, harmony and everything else you desire. That’s why they are VITAL They can be activated in a matter of seconds.

Here are 3 of my favorite manifesting magnets:

1.      Put a gratitude alarm on your phone that says "What am I grateful for right now?"
         (gratitude is the gateway to positive manifesting)...

2      Decide every day to do ONE small thing for someone else
        (you instantly align yourself with positive flow when you do)...

3.     Choose an empowering image and use it as the wallpaper on your phone,
        tablet and computer (this creates a trigger to put you in a state of positive
        vibration and manifestation)...

The power of these is in the simplicity. Remember, SIMPLE WORKS! Build manifesting magnets into your life and you’ll tune into the channel of riches. Remember if you really want to manifest let work together go back to root cause for understanding and freedom, lets Blast AWAY Limiting Beliefs.

You are extraordinary! Hugs

I am here

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