Do you know how to make money with ease?


And do know how to make money work ?

Not a bloody clue ;)until NOW…

I have friends who, hired a financial advisor and open a brokerage account started trading on the stock market.This was a great way to learn how to get comfortable with money working for me (what a paradigm shift, and it was very stretchy)

I wanted money to be my teacher.

So, I learned how to do this with my personal finances, then acquire assets for my biz, then how to build a real estate empire, then become an angel investor, a day trader, and the list goes on.

I built an 8 figure portfolio that I’m very proud of and have been asked for years to teach others how but just never felt comfortable (can someone say “who me syndrome?”)

And now……

I feel ready to share and have been strongly nudged by my guides to:

activate their wealth AND new quantum money frequencies
help high achievers quickly navigate upper limit shenanigans
make massive leaps in income on all fronts……

ARE you ready to make money works for you rather than you working for money 


I am here

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