Receive Your Good Luck Charm. We open divine Grace to Live a Life that is Truly Blessed & Lucky.

“Blessed” has Layers of Meaning.

To Live “Blessed” Encompasses Living Happy, Prosperous & Enjoying an Abundant Life.

Embrace Luck to Sail Through All Your Tribulations & Setbacks Smoothly.

Keep Your Good Luck Charm with You at All Times after our session you receive it within one hour…

you will Experience “Miracle Melodies” in the form of healing sound frequency of miracles (528HZ).

made for you all about you,

Just by listening to it a few minutes a day,

a combination of brainwaves of very low frequency.

  • Coordinates left & right brain activity.
  • Induces very deep states of meditation.
  • Creates nirvanic & samhadhi experience.
  • Creates spontaneous out of body experiences.
  • You can recite your own mantra over the top of the sound giving an extra dimension to your meditation

You’ll Attract BIG miracles into your life…

“There is something so very important that most people don’t know and that is why they manifest what they don’t want instead of what they want. Actually it is 3 things and here they are …

1 – You are ALWAYS manifesting.

Whether you realize it or not, you are manifesting your predominant thoughts AND emotion. If you think it and you feel it, you will attract it.This works in your favor when you are aligned to you dreams and goals. But it works against you when you are aligned to what you fear or what you don’t want.This can literally make you sick or make you well.It can keep you broke or make you wealthy.
It can keep you in turmoil or bring you to a life of love and happiness.

The secret to this is understanding that what you think and feel is what you attract.

2 – You must think and believe it has already happened.

I know this one is difficult to grasp but this is just as important as anything. You must act as if you have the thing you want. You might be thinking, I am driving around in a beat up piece of junk car that is embarrassing to drive. How can I pretend it’s a new red Mustang convertible?’ When you align to your “inevitable future” it manifests easy. You start by being grateful for what you do have. Don’t curse your old car, pat the dashboard and thank it like you would a puppy. Gratitude for “what is” crucial. Because “what is” is on the path to what will be. Then you feel the emotions of driving in the new car. How does it make you feel when you are walking towards your shinny car and you hear the beep beep as you unlock the door? How does it feel as you sit inside and have the new car smell and you hear the motor come to life and the radio starts to play your favorite song? I know you don’t have it. But you have to believe that you do for it to come true.

The mind cannot tell the difference between what is vividly imagined and felt as what is real.

If you are visual, you see it in your mind.
If you are auditory you hear it.
If you are an empath you feel it.

But whatever you are, you must believe it and feel the emotion of when you are living it.

3 – Take inspired action

You have to take action towards the things that inspire you and bring you alive. Nothing happens without action. Action is visualizing like we talked about above. And action is taking the steps to reach you goals and dreams.

If you want a new job, you have to let people know you are looking for a new job so that the universe can align to make it happen. And then you have to go to the interview for them to fall in love with you.

If you want to meet your soul mate, you need to let go of the past so that you are fee to attract the perfect person for you.

If you want pay your bills off and be debt free, you have to value the feeling of being debt free and then make a plan for it to happen.

Remember …
*You are always manifesting.
*Think, feel and believe as if it has already happened.
*Take inspired action.

So what are you waiting for…..

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