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So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.” -Unknown.

My Goal is to make it easier for every child to choose SELF and practice self-love and self-care daily. Power promise bracelets, boys & girls ,Adjustable, Handmade Bracelets available on Etsy. After Wearing it on the wrist, I promise no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I’ll always honor you, and everything will be OK!

Imagine a CHILD who believes in themselves like no other! AWE…..

A child who honors experience and tells amazing awesome stories. Who refuses to carry the sins of others within this body and life.

Imagine a CHILD who trusts and respects SELF.

A CHILD who listens to their needs. Who meets them with tenderness and grace. Awe loving complenty!
Imagine a CHILD who has acknowledged the past’s influence on the present.

A CHILD who has walked through the past. Who has healed into the present. WOW feel it, see it let this in.
Imagine a child who authors their own life.

A child who moves on instinct from within. Who surrender easily to their truest self and wisest voice.
Imagine a CHILD invite God into their heart and this GOD is created from within Divine in their image and likeness.

Imagine a CHILD in love with her own body.

A CHILD who believes her body is enough just as it is. Who celebrates this enoughness, by loving SELF!

It can mean:
? Being GENTLE with ourselves
Being gentle with ourselves means being kind and friendly toward the feelings that arise within us. It is very human to feel sad, hurt, and afraid sometimes. It’s a sign of strength to become mindful of these feelings and allow a friendly space for them.
?Allowing our EXPERIENCE to be AS IS……

I invite you to join our LOVE ME Movement and experience the magic that choosing yourself will bring to your life, and into the lives of everyone around you, because loving self fuels all love. Whether you are married, single, or at any point in between or beyond, you belong here.

Each day, my Love Me bracelet inspired me to engage in self discovery, to spend time nurturing my mind, body and soul, and to learn how to truly love all parts of myself. I thought to myself, “If this worked for me, maybe it can work for others as well.” And so I created, with my heart and passion for empowering CHILDREN. So they to can promise to choose themselves each and every day.

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