In my Yoga for Excellence class one of the first gifts I give my students is, the ability to tune inward to the body, Being intitive and open to receive starts with asking one of the things I love to share and do is :

Open an inspirational book to a “random” page, hold the book between your palms for a minute and silently ask for a supportive message. Open the book and see what words your eye lands on first.

music break. Music is an amazing emotional conductor. It can help you process and get in touch with whatever you’re feeling. Listen to something celebratory when you’re on top of the world, or listen to something comforting or emotionally deep when you’ve been feeling grief about your life or something happening in the world. I even pick a theme song for upcoming year…..amazing just the way I am

Practice mirror work, pause in front of the bathroom mirror and smile at yourself, playfully wink at yourself, or tell yourself, “I love you, I am open to RECEIVE! savoring the compliments that come in take a few minutes to remember what was said and explore how it makes you feel. PAUSE and feel how it feels. We often rush by compliments about ourselves too quickly.

Be an earth angel to someone else.

Nod or wave at neighbors you pass on a walk, tell someone—like your grocery store cashier—a sincere thank you for showing up this year, text a friend that you love them, or compliment someone on their contribution. It could make their day, and taking the focus off of yourself can actually be a loving break.

Taking good care of your physical body, after all, is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself., appearance can affect their energy., drink water and eat healthy. walk around your space, spraying aromatherapy in the air for a few minutes. See if you notice a difference—like lighter energy or less stagnant energy in your space—afterward. Hold your pose of choice for a few minutes

I LOVE THIS ONE:Revise a worst-case scenario thought..If you’ve had a thought repeatedly running through your mind that is overly negative, revise it to a best-case scenario thought or even a most-likely-case scenario thought. The worst rarely happens, and if it does, you will meet the challenge. HUGS


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