In a world where there are some many people and so much wonder WHY so much sadness. The negative impact of social media shows us now more than ever the importance of interactions outside social media

Did you know we’re often lonelier after using social media, despite turning to it in times of loneliness. The more people used social media, the worse they feel afterward

Offline interactions (even phone calls!) enhanced the participants’ feelings of well-being.

AND passive scrolling a behavior strongly associated with social comparison and reduced self-esteem is harmful. People come up with so many wrongs they conclude that their own life—with its mix of positive and negative feelings—is, by comparison, not good. They start .comparing themselves to others. the more unhappy they are.

We need to support help people to use social media more mindfully so we can help reduce some of its most harmful impact. Prioritizing engagement with others on social media rather than passively scrolling, is a great place to start.

As well as being aware of when you’re comparing yourself to others, are good places to start.

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