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2020 has been quite a challenging year! The stress and isolation has caused so many to drink more than they’d have liked, break from the booze for a month… (or more)

Did you know by the time you reach forty-five if you are a drinker, the chances of having a fatty liver are going to be pretty high? And we now know the liver doesn’t let you know it’s in really bad shape…until it’s too late!But here’s something that might astonish you…

Taking just four weeks off the booze can have a truly dramatic impact on liver health… not to mention weight loss too!

However, the thought of having a sober month might feel scary or ironically make you drink more!

Dry 4 weeks is a great thing to do, not only for your liver but for your wallet too!

We know from experience that those who may be considering taking on this challenge may hear that little voice inside their heads that is doubting their ability to see it through.

I will help you silence that voice and give you the confidence and actually make it a fun and enjoyable month. It is a wonderful thing to do for your health and wellbeing.

There are also some great added benefits to going Sober for four weeks.

More money in the bank. A good night out (or in) costs quite a lot these days, so over just one month, you will be surprised how much you save. The money saved from buying alcohol can be used elsewhere such as on a nice dinner or a special gift to yourself or a loved one. You’ll sleep better. Alcohol actually interrupts our normal sleeping pattern, so give it a couple of days and you will sleep so much better.

You’ll have more energy. If you sleep better, you’ll have more energy the next day. Not only that, better sleep improves mood, concentration and mental performance, making you more productive and alert for your daily routine (not to mention you’ll have more time to actually do things if you’re not in bed suffering from a hangover).

You will actually lose some weight… (if you need to) Alcohol is high in calories and actually mobilizes insulin, a fat storing hormone, which can lead to the production of fat cells around the middle, so cutting down can actually make weight loss easier because alcohol contributes to weight gain by reducing your metabolism, as the body breaks down alcohol first, so fats and sugars are burnt off slower.

Your skin appearance will improve. Within just a few days you will notice your skin looking and feeling better than it has in a long time. That’s because alcohol is a diuretic which basically makes you go pee more often, which actually leads to dehydration which can cause dry skin amongst other things, plus your body is able to absorb more vitamin A, increasing cell turnover, which keeps skin looking healthier and younger.

So, here is what you will receive

Support you to enjoy – completely sober!

  1. Help release the toxins from your liver
  2. Hydrate your mind and body with health and positivity
  3. Intuitively eat better
  4. Lose weight – if you need to
  5. Improve sober communication
  6. Improve sober sleep
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