Are ready for a lot more ups, for more magic moments of life. you’re due for an amazing life.
Life can change in a moment. You know this to be true because you have experienced it. R U ready for your big comeback.

Thrive now, and get ready to bring it on to the other side.

Focus on the good. Small things become big things. This is part of the Law of Manifestation. When you do this, life will shift and the universe will align to bring you the things you’ve been waiting for. This happens because you are vibrationally aligning yourself more good things happening to you.

I read a quote from Hellen Keller, “Keep your face to the sun, and you will never see the shadows.”

This means to always focus on the positive. Always believe the magic is about to happen. Always have faith that blessing and miracles are just around the corner.

Even when life is great and going smoothly, focusing on the good is important because it keeps you aligned and attracting more gifts into your life. It’s easy to take the blessings for granted when life is amazing, but this can easily turn into a downward spiral (something has to fill that void) because you took your focus off creating more magic in your life.

Here is something important to understand …You are already manifesting everything you want.

You might be saying, Sylvia, there is a lot of garbage in my life that I don’t want.” I get that because that was my life too. You may not realize it, but you are attracting those problems. Not intentionally of course. But somewhere in your conscious, subconscious or vibrational minds are the emotions of problems. You attract what you think and feel. Let me explain how this works,

Many nighttime sitcoms TV shows act out problems and disasters of life. They are often funny to watch, but the humor is negative and cynical and some of that gets into your mental and emotional programming. For example, “Everybody Loves Raymond” is about a dad that cannot get anything right and how marriage is a burden. Other shows are about drama, bitter spousal fighting, and vindictive back stabbing. The shows are funny, and that is what makes it so dangerous to your happiness and wealth. These shows infiltrate the social and emotional consciousness and fighting, drama, and money problems becomes the norm. Do you ever feel like your life is a sitcom with friends and relatives cutting you down?

You don’t have to stop watching shows like this, although that may not be a bad idea. I am sharing this with you so that you are aware how things can enter your mind and you can unintentionally vibrate negative emotions and attract things you don’t want.
Imagine how different life would be if you were super supportive, loving and patient with your family, and they were that way with you. Life would filled with joy and love and free from conflict. Imagine how different life would be if you believed that you are a money magnet and financial opportunities regularly fell into you lap.
Are you attracting money or attracting more bills?

Most people say they want more money. But what they are actually saying and feeling is of “more wanting.” Not intentionally of course. You deserve to be wealthy and money is waiting for you to get out of your own way so it can flow into your life.

But you were taught to be broke. Have you ever had a parent say to you, “Do you think money grows on trees?” What does that mean? That there is never enough money. Your subconscious mind interprets that as money is bad and dirty and the people with money are bad and dirty. So you unintentionally repel money because nobody wants to be bad or dirty. Once you learn to delete these negative beliefs from your conscious and subconscious mind, and adopt positive beliefs about money, happiness and life, you will instantly change your vibration and attract the things you actually want, autumn.

Let me help you jump start your manifestation abilities so that you can stop attracting what you don’t want and start attracting what you really want. Take my hand, hugs

I am here

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