When training FOR SOUL WORK, my mental training was increasingly more important than the physical. 100% of how we respond to extreme environments and unpredictable circumstances depends on our mind, on our ability to cultivate inner calm and come home.

Despite the intensity that surrounds us HOLD TRUST IN YOUR SELF—IN a world that is more aware, compassionate, and interconnected—let’s continue to PLAY…..

I invite you to reflect ON

What did I learn about myself over these past year?
What practices helped me most ?
What shifted most for me during this time?
How did I better prioritize self-care and compassion ?
How can I lean further into my soul ?
How can I listen better?

Start a conversation with your SOUL now, be at home. Explore this feeling of loving-kindness

  1. Find a quiet space Take a seat on the floor or on a chair. Keep your spine straight. Place your palms on your lap facing up. Close your eyes or simply lower your gaze into the third eye. Ease into your seat. 
  2. Start connecting with your breath. If your mind is busy, you can count your breaths as above to refocus and slow down. 
  3. Connect with the rhythm of your breath. With each inhale ground yourself a little more into your seat. With each exhale let go of any tension, worries, doubts, or fears that arise. 
  1. As you inhale next, feel the beauty of the breath moving through your body. Connect with a sense of renewal and ease. Notice what you see, hear and FEEL
  2. As you exhale, release any remaining tension a little bit more, embracing a feeling of lightness come over you. 
  3. As you inhale, softly mentally affirm, “I am safe, I am home.” As you exhale, softly mentally affirm, “I am well, and at ease.”
  4. Continue with these affirmations and cycles of breath until you feel a shift within you. Feel your sense of LOVE..opening I matter, I am more than enough

Life is rarely, if ever, constant. And it can be difficult to remain balanced in the midst of change. SOUL WORK will groundy ou in the present moment and cultivate this feeling you arrived……hugs see you on the other side.


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