Learning can be easy with a sprinkle of Movement!💿

For learning events to be impactful, they must be designed with the MIND in mind – both in terms of how the human brain learns, as well as how human’s change our behaviors.

research SHOWS the importance of body movement to activate learning:

🧠Exercise and physical activity can significantly improve brain structure and function in adults

🧠 The brain responds to activity-related stress by expanding capacity

🧠 Exercise to improve brain health and prevent the effects of disease

🧠 There’s a combined benefit of exercise.

I know it may feel weird or uncomfortable to stand up and move around on camera, but it’s actually what your brain and body needs!

Sitting is the new smoking and so many of us are sitting in the same positions on video calls all day long!

Here are some basic tips to incorporate more movement in your meetings:

🚶 Walk and Talk: If it’s a regular meeting, invite everyone to join with their phones and headphones and walk outside while you talk

🤸 Group Stretching Invite everyone to do some stretches together at the start of a meeting to wake up the minds

🏃‍♀️ Make reaction features, that have meaning to move…..simple as the heart for standing up and giving yourself a hug, the raise hand for five fingers, moving close and far away from the camera, moving to the left or right on a spectrum, etc.

🤸‍♂️ Use non-verbal movements as feedback: When asking students/people to share how they felt about a particular activity or at the end of the session, you can ask everyone to create and repeat a movement that represents their feelings or learning takeaways

🏃 Run and grab objects: This one I learned from hypnosis session as you can relax more after you move the body. Ask participants to bring an object to the screen that represents the topic of the meeting. That little moment to move and come back can be a great energizer in itself.

🧘Bring Movement: and. it does not always have to be energetic. You can even invite attendees to take a mind breaks at different points in the meeting and have them get grounded and centered with their body positions and their breathing.

What ways might you bring more body movement into you classrooms and on line calls/training?

What ways might you be sure to move today?

hugs Soul Parenting/Mind Matrix

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