We are ‘choosing’ our own realities every moment. The miracles of life found in awe. Increase your life force with simply easy step. I share with the people I love and clients everyday. Trust me life is filled with amazing you just gotta get good at opening a space for the magic. It is the feeling of opening the door and knowing this is where you are meant to be. I love working with clients and at the end of ever session seeing this AWE look in those amazing eyes.

I love to seduce this SPACE, opening a orchestra of magnificent into creation. Embrace the now, learn from the past and become excited about your future, this is what I do! A 90 min on line ZOOM call.

Take a deep breath., close your eyes. Let your gaze be at the third eye. Let your shoulders relax by dropping them down . Tuck in your chin. Take another deep breath. Relax your belly. Unclench your jaw. Inhale/Exhale longer deeper slower. Open your mouth wide and make some strange releasing sounds lik a long sleepy yawn. Ask your eyelids to be heavy, droopy, rest, relax, surrender. Open a space for transformation pray, have gratitute, kindness, loving thoughts and chants of love.. All is as it should be!

And if you feel called to take right-action and make changes then call the energy that’s needed for that from your heart, your kindness, your lifeforce, your peace and your love. Then you’ll truly know energy and power.

A loving heart space fosters right action? We’ve all had moments, days, weeks, months, years. Times when things just don’t seem to be going right, when the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow seem millions of miles away.

In hypnosis we open a space for you to imagine a future when you are feeling happier, more successful, abundant, when things are going ‘right’ and are the way they ‘should be’. This is peace of mind, peace of heart. And in the meantime, we let small moments of frustration, anger, defeat ruin our daily lives, and with these little things can become big things. So today open a space within feel compassion for self, selves,shift, align, sync, and let go. Join me on my magic carpet, to the land of understanding and freedom, are you ready!

I am here

Syliva Colbourne Martin FB

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