A powerful reminder for me to listen to that still, small voice within and know that, with trust, everything is imaginable. With faith, all things are possible. With love, the imagined possibilities are transformed into reality…

A belief is a story created to provide oneself with a fantasyland of comfort. Issues arise when they’re forced to be what’s right for everyone as the ultimate truth. Your story isn’t everyone’s truth.
Here is a major contributor of humanities issues as a whole; WE BELIEVE WHAT WE THINK. This is worth repeating: WE BELIEVE WHAT WE THINK. When a belief is used as through it’s everyone’s truth, it causes issues because it’s only an individual’s made up story. You respond to life with the beliefs you have created
When a story of a belief is created that something on the outside is needed to make life comfortable, one will constantly reach outside themselves to try and make this so. Connect to your inside and stop trying to force what you believe on others,
You know that song: “Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight”?
? It’s a beautiful reminder to do a little dance in your day, to make more love in the world…

To tune inward spend at least 5 minutes every day programming my subconscious mind with meditation. That means I sit down, close my eyes and do nothing but visualize and experience what my life is like when every area of my life is a 10/10 experience. Everything from finances to relationships to health and so on. Since I began doing this, I have noticed enormous shifts in what I attract into my life.

Stay as high energy and charismatic as possible. When you’re high energy, you’re almost always happy, so if you can get that energy high then you’ve gone a long way in ensuring a better quality of life.

Do something to stretch self everyday to get self comfortable being uncomfortable. Be it challenging myself physically, giving a public speech, breaking the silence in the elevator, or something more ambitious like making an important business decision that takes guts. I believe we need to constantly be pushing ourselves to get uncomfortable, because that’s where growth happens and that’s where inspiration occurs.

Finally, love openly and without any limits. I believe we are loving creatures and we should not be ashamed to love a stranger. We are all one and we are all so similar. If you can love fully everyday you are going to attract back more love in your own life. The old saying, the more love you give – the more love you receive most definitely holds true here.

I am here

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