Imagination =I magic nation

I”magic” nation

All human have an ability to transform the world. It’s called imagination. It I*magic*nation, because it magical powers. Joseph Strauss hadn’t imagined the bridge, and at one time people thought it was crazy to think that humans could fly; now over 3.5 billion passengers soar through the skies each year.

The old saying, “seeing is believing” is actually backwards. We have to believe to be able to see possibilities. There are numerous studies that show that people will see what they expect to see, not always what is actually there.


Try before doing a task, like going to work, shopping, or making a phone call, imagine it’s going to be the worst experience you’ve ever had. People won’t treat you well and it’s going to be a disaster. Notice how you feel afterwards. Then switch your thoughts and imagine an encounter that will be the best experience ever.

People will be responsive, and things will work out, maybe in a new and special way. After doing both, explore the differences in these two experiences — not only how you felt, but how you perceived the outcome of each situation.

compliment and appreciate efforts, make sure people leave you smiling rather than with the long list of complaints

Thoughts affect the world around us, we tend to miss the opportunities for using that knowledge for our own, and our community’s benefit. We dismiss I*magic*nation as something for kids or for leisure time, rather than a crucial part of our everyday lives. Our culture values the material, the fast.

Visualization and creativity are often subtle, slower and emotional. THE PAYOFF is peace joy and smiles, and the best part is you GET TO CHOICE!!!❤️❤️❤️


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