Kick fear and self sabotage in the butt and what better way to do it than with some Hypnosis, NLP, CBT magic, right? ?‍♀️

:~ fear of judgement or criticism;?

~ feeling like you are not good enough ?

;~ feeling overwhelmed and lacking clarity in life ?

;~ fear of putting yourself out tthere a?

;~ procrastination and self sabotage;?

~ lack of confidence or motivation.?

Today make it a point to set ONE GOAL and say YES! YES! YES! go do it and watch how good you feel at the end of the day when you look back and say “I DID IT”………?

Self Saboatoge is based on your perception.? Because of those negative ideas that are well established in your thinking patterns, you worry about failure, disappointing others, or hurting them if you have success.. BLAH BLAH BLAH In our session you receive understanding because we get to the root cause of your sabotage, anger, anxiety, and feeling you don’t deserve success.. It has proven in one session to help all my clients leave with knowledge and a clear path so they can build the life they truly deserve. They confidence and the momentum to go all the way.

  1. Tell others about your goals,. this hold you accountable.

2. List a day and a time when you will take care of tasks.

3. Set reminders and then do it!

You might realise that procrastinating the very actions you need to achieve success are also creating stress and anxiety. Therefore, look at what you have created by following those 3 simple steps.?

After our session clients have the correct mindset to carry out all tasks with joy. They are able to let go of the negative self chatter, or criticising self as usual. It feels wonderful!?

And once you get going, the energy will be with you to support you all the way……….. You can do this, my friend! I totally believe you can and with me the journey is EASY! ? Hugs

I am here for you!

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