I worked with a doctor this past month and this is what he taugh me…..

And during our sessions he shared plenty

. The healing power of garlic and apple cider vinegar.


The fact that (with the exception of antibiotics) no medicines cure anything, they only mask symptoms.  Every coaching session I left feeling grateful because he was so brilliant and during our last meeting he said something which really stuck me….and I wish to share because I care…

He told me that he learned one of his most important life lessons at medical school. 


He explained: “I’ve seen hundreds of cases some work and some I have to find another way..

HE earned we need to look at the whole, and ask great quesstion??? HERE IS ONE.. Is this going in the right direction?


“And if it is… then you’re fine keep going …PAUSE AND SAY THANK YOU knowing you are moving in

The right direction. AND if not reset and keep on keeping on.

Maybe if you find a few minutes today, you can ask yourself…

Is my life heading in the right direction? 🤔 am I doing what I love, do I have more great days?

AmI improving?

, getting better?

becoming more awesome?

MOST of all being aware Movement is movement, ……and this is enough

knowing when WEI do my BEST it is always enough…..

This sharing is deep just like this post…..see you on the other side!

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