Hypnosis Audio Programs

ORDER NOW a unique, professionally recorded Hypnosis processes designed for the positive changes you want to accomplish. You can purchase Hypnosis processes for Children, Successful Parenting, , Confidence, Learning & Memory Improvement, Health & Pain Management, Stress Reduction and more are available in MP3 download format. 

I also offer an audio ebook package for children to play at bedtime for little ones.

I also highly recommend essential oils which I also work with.

Enjoy your Hypnosis experience as you relax in privacy of your own home.

Your Hypnosis process will include specific powerful suggestions for your particular needs and goals. Our Hypnosis sessions are professionally recorded on MP3 for use at home to support the positive changes you want.

Our Hypnosis programs also include a bonus track of the amazing experience for almost instantaneous stress reduction.

Our Hypnosis programs vary and may be optimized with our special FReQUenCY CODES, NLP techniques, , Binaural Beats, beautiful, hypnotic music . No other Hypnosis program provides the experience, distinction or power of our integrative life changing techniques.

This powerful combination of years of success, experience and technique provides a unique opportunity for change!

The Hypnosis MP3’s are not meant to be a replacement for regular medical treatment. As with any new regimen it’s always best to consult your doctor before beginning a new healthy program.

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