When you feel drained, you are giving away your lifeforce ,Chi, your vitality. At least once a day simply imagine a zipper from your groin to your chin, (right hand than left hand)

Hold the zipper three inches from your body and quickly zip up to your chin (alternating hands)..Done.
You will feel restored. It works every time. Your energy is again yours.

If you want proof, do muscle testing before and after.

It’s all about acknowledging your boundary. Keeping your fields expanding from deep within your heart. No need to create shields.

SHIELD locks our Heart expansion, pause, use your zipper and allow yourself to feel into this space of freedom, knowing what is yours and what is not yours.

I Invite you to open a space to CHERISH your lifeforce and energetically tune in fully receiving the amazing information for your Soul.

You no longer need to protect your heart, dissolve your shields and embrace all of you. Hugs

I am here

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