GRIEF especially “disguised grief”, underlies emotional reactions (e.g. bitterness, blame, grudges, hostility, negativity, regret, or resentment) that are connected to different kinds of losses . . . losses tied to life experiences that occurred in childhood or through adulthood. These losses involve facing what your childhood or adulthood, was – or was not – by recognizing the difference between what you needed, wanted and dreamed of and what really occurred. I help clients understand the healing nature of grief and grieving makes sense. Understanding in Hypnosis is freeing, and it empowers one to change their life story.

Can we use the grief we feel to come to a deeper place of truth?

When one can stand up for love, for self and say, ‘You know what this isn’t right, gotta make a decision to move from anger to courage. We humans need to use the energy of anger in a productive manner. Explore the courage to take risks, because we all need the medicine of joy in our lives. As my master mindfulness teacher shares:
“What you really want to do is be mindful enough to extract the energy [of anger], but not get caught in the burning.

In our sessions I am always amazed at how forgiveness and anxiety leave and doors swing open for a happier, healthier life. In 90 min the emotional strength and self-confidence clients embrace is my GIFT, lets share hugs!

I am here

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