Get the kickstart step by step session to rock your world for the BETTER, Increase your lifeforce to WIN, Take action, welcome the opportunity to open a space deep inside, no risk. Are you ready for the easy road, Unlock your inner genisus, tap into insight from yourself for yourself from yourself in the future. Sound insane it is!

Imagine this is your break you are with Oprah she loves you and is ready to open your energy to the world. Connect with your future self, and open up a gateway to a wealth of incredible knowledge about your own personal future. In our session I make a recording for you, all about you, that will automatically-generated momentum to dramatically accelerate your magic wand wish. Let work together to generate the path so you can reach it in the fastest way possible. Having a guide can make a huge difference, I am ready to hold your hand. I will be like a “virtual assistant” that never lets you down!

Dial in any future you desire, anytime, anywhere. Activations for Money, Reinventing Yourself, Overcoming Procrastination, Stepping into Health and turning on your Millionaire Mindset.

Connect with a distant or near term Future Self to gain critical insight and set Sticky Anchor Points for success so that you can create the life you desire faster and easier than ever before. Transform your world.

If you could connect to your Future Self, what would you ask for help with?

Roll to the right every morning, not to the left when you come out of your bed, this invites high leves of oxgeyen in the blood, Rub you hand togther see like this, place those hand on eyes so you see GOD, than all nerve ending, the entire system comes awake immediately, than SMILE and feel it in every cell . Avoid heavy foods (MEAT)3 hour prior to sleep, tea’s and water are welcome. Create a clear gap between meals on a cellular level to restore health. small things are big thing keep mind clear and keep heavy stuff on the side. Live with awareness you will be able to listen to your body, you will always know what is needed. Body is in rest surrender one is able to listen to sign from within @ GODSPEED.

I am here

Sylvia Colbourne Martin


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