Connection to others means love and love means a generosity of spirit that is a constant reminder that we live abundant lives. Connection removes the scarcity mentality. Connection to self is the prerequisite to happiness. The value of connection is something everyone craves: be careful you do not reach outside yourself. Connection with self is what builds a strong immune system, laughter, smiles, longevity, an enriched life, plenty of confidence and self-esteem. If you listen closely, your inner voice will encourage you to love and connect everything on the planet with a sense of continuity that will enhance the quality of your life. I tell my clients every session the greatest gift you can give self is the ability to fall in love with self. In our session made for my clients, all about what they need, allows them to embrace all of who they are and what they came here to do, easily!
Life is full of surprises. What better feeling than the fun of being surprised, Take time everyday and discover what you love what make you happy, your worth it, Repeat until you feel “I love myself” because , When you love yourself, life loves you back.

There is a book “Loving self Like Your Life Depends On It: and I think it is brilliant because it is so true. They do not teach it in school but it needs to be a number one priority. Without self love individuals will live feeling uncertain & fearful. Fear is the creepy crawler that will not only slow you down but stop you in your tracks and produce images of chaos and negativity, then fear and anxiety creep in. To feel comfortable inside yourself one needs to tap into all senses, touch, feel, taste, smell or see listening at all times to this inner knowing, this voice deep inside. Take time every day to listen without distraction to your inner voice in meditation.

Appreciate and value the forces within at all times and you will be reminded of who you are and what you can accomplish, and the fact that you can do anything.
Free yourself from old beliefs stop judging, TRUST +Truly Relying Upon Spiritual Timing, Hugs

I am here!

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