Each of us is a collection of electric communications, from cell to cell. The total sum of this communication makes up our electromagnetic field, as these communications create an entire field of being. Stress effects this field, and likewise love does as well.

Mantras are powerful, because when we chant them we are shifting the electric communication that is happening on a cellular level. This kind of shift can reach very deep into our psyche. If you are able to shift it even just once your cells will never forget that capacity to self-heal.

Like building muscles, the more you bring about love through chanting, the stronger your electric magnetic field will radiate literally the vibration of love!

Let’s look at this Mantra, Waaheguru, a totally bliss and love filled mantra.
Waah: ecstatic love and bliss. When we chant this our electric cell to cell communication becomes love and bliss.
He: here and now.

Not somewhere else, right here, right in our lives, in our physical form, and in our cell to cell communication. This is the reality. Not fear. Not hatred. The “is-ness” of “bliss-ness” is our “business”, that’s what is getting communicated!

Guru: Darkness, and light, and the wisdom that exists within the realization of both. We are not afraid of either, we are in our center, and aware of all that is.

I hope you are inspired to chant a Mantra this Valentine’s Day!

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