Epidemic of loneliness

The epidemic of loneliness was hitting a breaking point.

he impact of loneliness on chronic and life-threatening disease in Mind Over Medicine, it tends to make them feel helpless, sad, and scared. , When people feel frightened it creates uncomfortable environment

The Big News!

Bring people in recovery from illness, injury, or trauma together in circles of healing, spirituality, writing, art, music, and connection for the purposes of easing loneliness, healing trauma, and improving physical and mental health outcomes, particularly for people who conventional medicine has been unable to cure.

Using creativity and music as a portal to cutting edge trauma healing methods, spiritual healing, and energy medicine, we empower individuals and communities of healing who are ready for the deep dive of treating the root causes Healing and transformation is everyone’s birthright. Available to anyone ready for meaningful transformation, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, sexual preference, gender identity, political affiliation, or religion.

Until we’re ready to get started, we’re using Zoom to experiment with groups:



art, dance parties, and group healings

You’re Invited If creativity, spiritual healing, energy medicine, social justice, and democratizing healing sound like good medicine for you in 2022- please join soul parenting.

Usually I pick one word to represent each year, I got a longer phrase than usual- connected to healing. I had NO IDEA what was in store for 2022, and I wrote down the phrase and made it part of my daily meditation practice.

Working and healing souls…all over the world, feeling connected in gratitude and awe,

7 day count down, join now

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