I need to focus on what I want, not what I do not want.

I am interested in (and sometimes particularly excited by) what’s-in-it-for-me . . . even in challenging situations. Always keep the big picture in mind, I experience a roller-coaster of emotions coupled with tension. And what’s so amazing is that, regardless of how much I know, I will continue that pattern until I shift until I accept and move ‘Up’ in consciousness. In a 90 min session on line I support my clients to got back to the root cause for understanding.

All my clients myself included need to have the love inside to be free in life. Everyone needs to be in-love, with life and self, HOW I go through my life is the difference between being stuck in a negative pattern versus being free To accomplish my purpose here, regardless of the circumstances I encounter.

I have gotten good at listening. When I look back over my life, I can see my journey has afforded me less turmoil and worry as I have learned to listen, more consistently.

Are you listening, are you seeing, are you paying attention to those hunches, and are you absorbing what you feel?

In my session I always take a moment invite the presence of God and ask how relaxed am I with myself, how willing am I to stay feeling cleansed and ‘bubbling along’? How enthusiastic do I feel, I get my motives clear for what I am and what I want to do. We all have patterns of behavior that can limit our expression in certain circumstances or environments.

The greatest gift I have been given is the ability to communicate and check inward (GODWAR). It is the gateway to clarify with certainty and free up any confusion. I want the session to go well, I want to support my clients in rowing the boat gently down the stream, get out of the current regain the child-like balance!

I am here

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