It’s called emotional blunting and there are some wonderful easy techniques you can add into your day to start living with a winning attitude. This is my niche and here are somethings you can start right nowso you can heal from the inside out:
* Make one goal for yourself today, and at the end of the day celebrate your success. (do a happy dance)
* Write on your mirror so you see it “I am loveable”and every time you walk by it repeat “I am lovable” “I am loving”
* Knowing you are loveable allows you to move in this life with a voice. Stand tall, smile!
* Stop, pause and praise yourself NOW…dialogue all day long with yourself like your sharing with your best friend.
* Make a picture of yourself doing what you love, put it on your phone as a reminder you can do anything.

I am here to support you in opening a space to fall in love with yourself, send me a message and let start the process of you loving you and life again! hugs

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