This is what some of my clients share

*Is it bad of me to not mind the emotional blunting? I felt so much for so long that it felt like a relief to not feel as much.

*Depending on how severe your case is, this “blunting” can be heaven sent.

*When that “emotional dullness” happened it was HORRIBLE. I couldn’t feel ANY type of emotion. I’m not naturally like that so it was very distressing. On top of the fact that I am a musician and I felt my creativity was slowly being stripped away….what did I do to fix this?? Nothing. I just stopped taking my meds. Hell, if it’s gonna make me feel this way then I don’t wanna keep trying different meds. I already have enough health issues as it is.

*I just started taking an anti-anxiety pill. I feel emotionally dull. My job is a creative job in fashion and it’s affecting my job. I don’t know if I should continue taking it or stop. I have been on it for only a month the the effects were immediate.

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Notice your language., STOP saying so many limiting things. the brain believes them

“There isn’t enough time…”

“This is too difficult…”



Years of studying my own mind (and going through countless hours of training I can show you how to reframe those limiting thoughts into absolute mental freedom.

Don’t take advice from people who don’t have what you want!

Would you take money advice from someone who’s living under a bridge? Obviously not. Inbox we can share. Hugs

I am here!

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