Signs Your Guides Are Speaking To You In Your Dreams

  1. Repeating plotlines.

If you’re having repeating dreams (maybe of teeth falling out or snakes chasing you), it could be because you’re not catching their important messages the first time around. Think of a repeating dream as a neon sign from your spirit guides inviting you to pay attention. Sometimes our guides get creative and change the scenario. In this example, our spirit guides may try different ways to deliver the same message so we pay attention.

How to tune in:

If you’re experiencing a repeating dream, what is the central message? Try summing up your dream into a headline. Or if you had to give a friend a dream elevator pitch, what would you tell them is the essence of the dream in 30 seconds? Getting to the core insight from a dream tells our spirit guides that we received the message. If you discover that your repeating dreams stop, take it as a sign that you’ve received the message.

  1. Characters that guide you through the dream.

Have you ever met a character in a dream that shared a clear message or pointed you to a specific place? . Guides can take the form of a close friend, stranger, or other familiar face to get us to pay attention. For example, if you’re most comfortable with a best friend sharing a message about your next steps for work, a spirit guide might become your friend in a dream.

How to tune in: pay attention to their words, actions, and directions. Do they seem literal or more symbolic? Consider how their messages relate to your waking life. Then, trust your gut and go with it. If you didn’t quite get it, they’ll show you in a future dream.

Imagine if your dream was part of a broader story. How would the story go? Write a pre-dream and post-dream scene to complete the story. How does the dream story bring new insights to the messages your guides are sending?

One of the most important ways to increase our conscious attention to all of these dream types is to write our dreams down when we wake up in the morning. Writing your dreams down can empower you to see the messages jumping off of the page and use them to support your personal growth, healing, and sense of purpose. Hugs

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