Healing is HARD WORK. The reality is if it was easy everyone would do it. The real question is………..Do you want to heal enough to do whatever it takes?

In some of my session I even cry listening to the stories my clients share. It is normal to feel your client’s feelings as you are deeply connecting with them in a session. However, I always prime your mind before the session because I believe in what I do and I help clients to break free. It is ok to let the feelings flow and go. No need to push them down or resist them, take a breath, and just remind my clients they are not re-living the pain, they are reviewing the past and I am helping them to let go and be free of the pain. It is empowering for them and for me, rather than painful.

Keeping the mind busy does not work. learn to be with self, Many people are addicted to compulsive thinking, and they must stop it if they want to be sane.

So how do you stop thinking?

1) Don’t try to stop!

2) Leave the mind alone — and it will quiet itself.

Worrying is like rocking back and forth in a rocking-chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t take you anywhere.

Tell yourself It is OK to be addicted to thoughts. It is natural. Don’t put that burden on yourself wishing you need to be someone you aren’t yet. By noticing this and with the intent of taking little steps towards being less addicted to thoughts is the direction to freedom. Mt Everest is conquered by little steps not a giant leap I help my clients open a little space to find the key. It takes commitment every day. If It was painful forget it!!!!!

In our session we open a space of total confort, and than in the very uncomfortable we give ou understanding which sets you FREE, are you ready?

The truth……the way out of this trap is through silencing my mind, trusting what comes up and than allowing me to share the step by step process that has changed clients lives all over the WORLD! YOU REALLY NEED TO FEEL SO YOU CAN HEAL, make your now WOW. Hugs

I am here

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