“I can’t get what happened out of my mind,”

Cry. That’s right, crying releases loads of amazing feel good chemicals and heals deep wounds in very transformative ways. I did not cry for years, and well when I did the gate opened and healed wounds. Trust me I work with people everyday who push down feeling, it gotta come up, better to let it go sooner than later. Allow yourself to fully feel the pain.
Us humans have an incredible ability to stay frozen in a moment of pain for a very, very long amount of time. If we don’t release this pain somehow, it gets stored in your body (not just in your mind). Allow yourself to feel and move through the pain.
“What you really want to do is be mindful enough to extract the energy [of anger/pain], but not get caught in the burning.”
In our session, I move you from this energy, I will hold your hand. hugs

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