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How to stay connected with my future self????? Call in source, God, ask? how to get this connection, how to open the door to this portal, gateway to get answers. Sunset is when magic happens…cold water lifts your vibration Hypnosis take you into a state of AWE,.

In our session I help clients tap inward to heal. REM and ALPHA waves open spaces so you can create relationship with the best version of self.


I am a Certified Magic Coach who empowers people to catapult their lives into greater levels of success in every area. I help clients take control of their lives and experience amazing results with great ease. As a speaker,

Sylvia has spoken with world renowned experts and thought leaders. Travelled all around the USA and UK.

Sylvia is the creator of Metta Magic, an emerging mobile app that allows people to feel into the best version of themselves. . Her highest mission is to create a tidal wave of self love. She’s driven to empower everyone to experience epic levels of self love and shine their Light, encourage clients to embrace life and to turn up the volume. stop playing SMALL, tap inward GODWARD, so you can live a life filled with magic.

Hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe have attended their educational events!

Lives have been transformed and the feedback received has been so incredible that she continue creating events for you and others to lean into.

In a world often viewed as problematic by many, Sylvia believes that what we each focus on and present to the world creates what is reflected back to us. Because of this philosophy, Sylvia creates a POSITIVE curriculum, online conferences, and workshops to share with the world. Ready to get into your driver seat??????hugs

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