Confidence Is Generated by SELF

Confidence includes speaking only for one’s own voice and individual experience. This voice comes from within and you need to change the words and pictures in your mind.

You are only responsible for yourself. You only have the ability to make decisions for your own self. It’s okay to make decisions that are just for you and for your benefit. And those who love you are going to want you to make decisions that are beneficial for you. This is the only way in which we can flourish.

Your voice holds a lot of your truth. When you speak your voice out loud, it’s an immediate way to get into touch with where you are. By singing, chanting, projecting your voice out loud and by speaking loud. If you are off your center focused on outside stuff, your truth isn’t where you are, by speaking loud, it allows you to emit your energy, it allows you to feel your energy your vibration and truth. It’s a very powerful tool to instantly turn you inward. When you get off center it’s when you are thinking about what other people are thinking about you which is none of your business stayed focus on self.. Use your voice and project words and picture that keep you inward. Use words and picture filled with harmony, balance because all exists as it is has been created and nothing more. Nothing can come into you without your permission. Today open your front door arrive generate love from within so you will never BE without.

When you know that you are confident everyone around you will know that you are condifent too. Your life will be so different and so much better when you can resonate your confidence at a level that positively impacts you.

You can use the power of stating that you are confident, that you always have been, and always will be, to achieve success in every key area of your life. When you say it, think it, believe it, make it an automatic a regular part of your life . In our on line ZOOM session I will take you back to the root cause of why you lost your way, and allow you to walk through your own front door to live your life with confidence. Hugs


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