AN activity I did in my YOga school that not only changed my life but supported me on this journey……..As parents the greatest thing we can do for our children is be open to learn and grow!

Watching children design the school of their dreams was a game changing activity, needed in every school in the WORLD………….UNIVERSE………stand back observe and implement would be the keys things that need to happen next. I shared this activity with so many teaching and it ended after conversation, SAD but reality. The school of the FUTURE through the eyes of children the real architects !?✈️✈️✈️

After only three months you need to see what they came up with, not only on paper but with movement!!!!

Boost emotional bonding with your child!!
The program

′′ Mom & Child ′′ has taken off

and we have loved it!!! ???
? get informed
? play the games our students play
? feel the joy your child will feel when they join
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