Change your mindset.

But how do you go about it?

The first step is to ask yourself some fundamental questions.

How do you relate to people, society, and nature around you?

Are you part of them, or are you outside and perhaps above them? The honest answer you give, testifies to the nature of your mindset.

Here are some great shifts: The shift from competition to peace. The shift from greed and scarcity to caring. The shift from outer to inner. The shift from separation to wholeness

People who practice meditation or engage in prayer shift their mindset. They explore their own intuitions, values, and motivations and they find elements in their consciousness that impel them toward harmony and oneness with people and planet. We can all experience oneness with people, nature, and planet. Our everyday experiences are deepened by entering so-called altered states of consciousness.

Self-exploration and entering altered states of consciousness. The “aesthetic experience,” the experience of beauty and significance, is still another way. It can be catalyzed by music, dance, painting — and by nature.

The beneficial effects of contact with nature have been known for millennia. They are rediscovered today under the heading of “nature therapy.” In Japan, for example, many people are practicing “forest bathing”: Shin-rin yoku. This calls for going into a forest and feeling yourself become one with it — hearing the wind rustle through the leaves, sensing the play of light on the surface of a pond, feeling yourself floating with the clouds in the sky. Healers find that just to be in a forest is healing. The sights and sounds of nature sooth the nerves and calm the spirit.


Divine love is the motto for the new mindset. It is not a pipe dream. It is the way of thriving on Earth.

Mindset change is essential to create a better world.

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