Your body has trillions of cells, and each one has the complexity and dynamism of a city. Your life, your thoughts, your diseases, and your health are all the function of cells.

But what do you really know about what goes on inside you?

The last time most people thought about cells in any detail was probably in high school or a college general biology class. But the field of cell biology has advanced incredibly rapidly in recent decades, and a great deal of what we may have learned in high school and college is no longer accurate or particularly relevant.

The incredible complexity and dynamism inside the cell, tissues, and muscles.tells a story are you ready for a technique that support the WE……TABS

A deeper understanding of how everything works and the basic nature of life on earth. The ability to make better decisions about health and to debunk the misinformation that comes via media

LEARN to love yourself and your body going back to root cause and adding glitter of acceptance

Can you imagine how much free time you’d have if you didn’t spend so much of it body shaming & shit talking to yourself. Feeling ashamed delvelops wrongness. Learn how to not care what anyone thinks. BE happy and comfortable with self.

stop obsessing about your body issues, focus on self-love, and open a space in your brain for creative and productive positive energy. The 31 one day support gives your happy ever after and medicine. Relatable anecdotes, and actionable takeaways, as well as space to answer prompts and jot down feelings and inspirations, In our session you will become your own expert at discovering your inner power


Case number 101 which refer’s to a client 10 years of back pain, Louise Hay says Back pain a “symbol of the (sudden) lack of support in her life.”  Louise explained that in order to heal, her grief would need to be addressed, and she would need to find other sources of support in her life.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ system is associated with a particular emotion.  For instance, the lungs are called the “seat of grief.”  So when I have a client who presents with chronic respiratory infections or asthma, I investigate and address organic causes first.  But one of the questions I always ask in a case history is, “When did this start?”  and especially if accompanied by a perpetual lump in the throat or frequent sighing – two other symptoms of suppressed grief) that is often a big clue to me that physical treatments alone aren’t going to be enough to effect a cure.

Physical Symptoms and Emotional Trauma follow a pattern:

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective: the lungs are called the seat of grief, and the liver of anger both echoes when no organic cause can be found for these symptoms,  treating physical symptoms alone misses at least some of the picture, and in some cases fails to address the root cause entirely.

What Suppression Does

The body knows what it’s doing, and symptoms are always the best possible adaptations to the environment or circumstances.  Example: eating contaminated food leads to either vomiting or diarrhea.  (Your body is trying to expel a poison.)  A virus is trying to replicate itself and destroy your cells, so your body spikes a fever to render it less active.  In the face of a fungal infection, the body walls it off so that it cannot continue to spread.  All smart moves.

Emotions are the same way.  We are taught that our positive emotions should be expressed (love, joy, excitement) while our negative ones are not socially acceptable and should therefore be suppressed (anger, sadness, grief, and fear..  But if we consider negative emotions to be symptoms that something is wrong, in either our lives or our thoughts, then suppression allows that harmful thought process or situation to perpetuate.

Long-term, suppression doesn’t work.  Suppressed anger leads to festering resentment.  Suppressed sadness and grief leads to depression.  Suppressed fear leads to anxiety.  These unacknowledged emotions can eat us from the inside, leading to self-medication as well as chronic illness.

Whole Person (MIND, BODY & SOUL)

Although I begin by addressing childhood trauma, then womb, than past life. Medicine, exercise, diet, and sleep hold some merit, but will only get you so far.  If you have some unacknowledged trauma or suppressed emotion in your past, consider finding a good healer if you have not done so already, and make sure you are doing your part in the process of taking ownership of your emotions.  Accept them for what they are, and follow them to their source in order to receive the love of God, of others, and of yourself, in order to heal and move forward. Hugs

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