Some souls are bullies. Some Parents are Bullies….. Period.

if not addressed, can seriously impact us in later life. From mental problems to pain and ill health.😁😁😁😁😁

PLEASE understand emotions in your SOUL!❤️⭐️🌟need your attention NOW

Childhood experiences echo throughout your life. No matter how confident one tries to be, it seems people can see through the mask. In ZOOM session we GO BACK to the root cause .

Bullying has now become part of social media and technology.

The ATTRACTION towards being bullied will be the same, , as it is not so easy to identify the bully. which comes from fear and victim-hood, already instilled in the SOUL, During child.hood, womb, or even past life. “We must be aware that children can read their parents’ feelings as we have read our parents’ feelings” TM

We may encourage them to be brave and stand up for themselves .

However, our children see beyond our words, way deepen than one would ever think.

By releasing the parents’ programs EVEN ANCESTRAL bullying begins to disappear.

Fortunately, for the majority of my career in this space I’ve worked with some of the most amazing clients. parents and teachers.
Yet from time to time,

I have witnessed unacceptable behavior and language from some of them…

So, I want to address what can be incredibly stressful experience for them.

  • everyone lies ..from time to time
  • Parents can say hurtful, nasty things .

Some parents will try to throw their CHILDREN at you so you can handle it all…
However, it’s incredible important for you to sit down with the parent first and discuss their situation. HELP THEM UNDERSTAND they are part of this process and HEALING…
The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… throwing their CHILD at you, without wanting to be part of the process, already raises red flags.
Just because a parent wants you to call them now doesn’t mean you should.

If Bullying is Not Addressed THE SOUL will rinse and repeat….


A partner or spouse can continue the bullying with domestic violence. 

IN emotions, suffering from depression and anxiety with no relief. Feeling like you don’t know what to do, where to turn next, desperate and hopeless 😢.

In physical health, a feeling of being exhausted and on and on…….pain in body.

This BULLY can also show up in the workplace…. 

Words can last a lifetime. ,,

In our session we install a cheerleader to support you to make a change and it does change everything…❤️❤️❤️

As a SOUL Coach, you ALWAYS have a choice.
Create strict office hours that work best for you (allow some flexibility)

By setting up parameters, being clear about your plans, policies, procedure they’ll have more respect for you.❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️

  • Listen to their concerns,
  • Even when they are disrespectful.
    Take everything as feedback. ALWAYS❤️❤️❤️

Ask yourself… what worked… what didn’t… how can I do better next time?
Follow up.
EVEN WITH CLIENTS are pressing energy, shower them with a CHRISTMAS gifts, Surprise them with your kindness and professional thoroughness..
Especially, when they have been the bully.
Remember… you’re not for everyone…
And, if the answer is no… you got to make the call.

ESPECIALLY when working with CHILDREN because a parent is a parent. and this doesn’t mean you coach their child..
If being a SOUL Coach was easy everyone would do it!!,

ARE you ready…I am here…

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