Sharing is one thing, trying to be right, prove a point, convince others to see as you see, “fix” others, is something else.

If you have to argue with anyone you are in a lost cause. You have lost the plot, you are off centre.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  

This is a Biggy. 
If you Truly Honour who and what you are then you honour All. Always remember you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Your awakening requires of you to stand on your own two feet. It requires you to know where you stand first.

You cannot make a judgement and experience Love at the same time. You can choose waves of joy, or peace, or gratitude. It is up to you and if you are having difficulty it is simply a matter of beliefs of mind not to do so CREATE a new internal dialogue listen to the Echo, the feedback from within, it is always there within you in every moment in every circumstance. It is truly your gift, speak out loud what it is you wish for some have said to me “I truly wish I could get a handle on my emotions. They are crippling at times. ”The handle on your (“negative” ) emotions is old thought patterns.

Circuits that go round and round in your mind. The trick is that in any given moment you can choose to watch your thoughts, your stories, rather than be them.

In that watching you have moved to the centre, your Heart. Begin to choose to look with the ‘Eyes of Love’. To talk to yourself with loving, softness, supportive nonjudgmental words as an angel would talk to you,
Be patient and take your time. Every time you make this choice of stillness over mind chatter you are building new circuits connected to your Heart, to Love. Then the old patterns start to leave you because something deep and profound emerges in its place from deep within you. This is the “work”. The only thing you need to do to find Yourself. It all boils down to how much do you Love and Trust who you really are?

Can you let go enough of your thoughts to allow that Shining that you are to radiate through you.…….So you are being given the choice, every breath…….to choose Love or continue to play with BLAH BLAH BLAH let go of the old version the distraction that bind you and fall in LOVE WITH YOU and everything else will fall into place……drop anything that limit you!

And if you are finding more and more place in the ‘no-thing-ness”, the void, the space between, the Divine neutrality of you, then you will be discovering that you can be anything you like. You are in fact Infinite Possibility, unlimited things you can imagine,

And the magic is that as this happens for you others can no longer put you in a “box” and be in your Presence, a new higher version of you is present. Now is the time to make real shifts in your awareness.

Open a space for a new ways of Seeing, Doing, and Being, simple and easy.

It is New and yet as you walk it, IT will be as familiar to you as if you always Knew it. Because you always have. You simply FORGOT

I guarantee that if you walk with me for a while, with commitment to Yourself, you will open a space to love yourself at a level that sparks so much joy.

The chains of your old beliefs are falling away and a whole new reality awaits you. Much of what you experience as stress is nothing more than the mind habits clinging to old stories. Stop being afraid of the unknown release your emotional baggage and open a space now and forever to love yourself FREE.

awaken your amazing potential, heal your own Heart.

I am here

#brokenheart #fallinlove

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