Bypassing Love And Making Excuses

Don’t blame. Being able to recognize and explain your emotions isn’t the same as blaming someone or something for the way you feel. The guy who takes credit for your work might not even realize what he is doing. How you feel when these things happen comes from inside you. Your feelings are there for a reason — to help you make sense of what’s going on.

Bypassing Love And Making Excuses, does not work!

Accept all your emotions as natural and understandable. Don’t judge yourself for the emotions you feel. Acknowledging how you feel helps you move on, so don’t be hard on yourself. Do the total flip, go to the mirror and speak to yourself like you would speak to a new friend, a child.

Allow yourself time to process what you’re feeling, Sometimes it’s enough to just realize how you feel, but other times you’ll want to do something to feel better go for a run, watch an upbeat pod cast, start a project, shovel a random person driveway.

If you grow up receiving the message that your opinions and feelings don’t matter, you’ll likely learn to hide your feelings from an early age.

I promise you what I have learned from my clients is even the people who hurt you they did not understand the impact. Some restrictive parents reprimand children for any outburst, negative or positive. Eventually, you may no longer feel safe expressing your opinions and feelings, so you hide them to prevent further criticism.

PARENTS who mask their own emotions can also reinforce the idea that you should do the same.

I teach my clients to shift from a negative to positive fast. Otherwise your thinking may get stuck on how bad things are, and that can drag you down into feeling worse,(like digging your own big black hole) STOP. Try doing things that make you happy, even if you don’t feel like it at the time. For example, you might not be in the mood to go out after a breakup, but going for a walk or watching a funny movie call randon people everyone needs a friend do anything to get out of that negative space FAST.


Positive feelings create a sense of happiness and well being. Make it a habit to notice and focus on what’s good in your life — even the little things, like the praise your dad gave you for fixing his bookshelves or how great the salad you made for lunch tastes. Noticing the good things shift the emotional balance from negative to positive. BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER……..the world need you!

Concealing emotions is pretty normal. It might even seem like the best option in public situations.

But when you hide your feelings because you fear how others will react, you end up denying your own experience. This might seem like a good way to avoid conflict and emotional pain, but it usually comes back to bite you in the end.

Express emotions authentically open a space to let it go, journal, try any of my activities in my Metta Magic book, Life gives us tools let them empower you to communicate. Hugs

I am here!

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