IT IS A manic depressive illness, is more common than you may think,

BIPOLAR manic depressive illness, is more common than you may think, means that a person experiences extreme feelings so on one end of the scale being upbeat, feeling agitated and high in energy, almost manic, where the mind races and the body is full of energy and pumping adrenalin. It may feel like you are invincible.

I help client all over the world on ZOOM release this underlying fiery energy safely and find a sense of balance. I do this by taking you inside the body, uncover the ROOT CAUSE and make you a medicine that release these deeper toxic emotions, so you can find balance. CLIENTS I work with FEEL like:

Bipolar Leads To A Depressed StateA Sense of Balance is Non-ExistentAnxiety and Trauma is Often a Starting PointOften the Mind Goes to the Worst-Case ScenarioSuppressed Anger and Rage can Prevent You finding your BalanceUnderlying Negative Feelings Breed Toxic and Potent Emotions Such as Anger, Rage and Frustration.


  • You need an outlet, for your feelings. 
  • Write out what is on your mind.  This can help  de-charge an overcharged active mind. 
  • When you focus on releasing how you are feeling in ‘the moment’, it helps to find balance.
  • Go for a walk and let your mind run riot. Then on the way back consciously switch your thinking into something pleasant and positive. 
  • Focus on something for as long as you can, this may be a flower or a blade of grass.  When your mind wanders, bring it back to focus on that one thing.
  • IN our session I also share a bubble technique:


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