Recalling past positives so you have fuel in your tank to go after what you want in the future.

set daily goals, which are the hallmark of the super achiever.
forward momentum.
See yourself bigger and better, then stand back and observe how the seas begin to part for you.

Remember that day when everything flowed into place. Everything seemed so easy.
You woke up in a great mood. You had that winning feeling in your bones.
You just knew something good was going to happen to you today.
And it did.

4 Simple Ways to Win in Life

  1. Read books about winning
  2. Listen to what winners say
  3. Do what winners suggest
  4. Stay away from losers

Now, let’s say I asked you to reconfigure the list shown above in the order of which item is most important. What “way” would you put first?

taking charge of your mind and your life before you put your feet on the floor. rewards are off the chain.

See it. Feel it. Do it.

Low self esteem is like driving through life with on foot on brakes and the other on gas

The subconscious has to have a goal that it accepts, a goal presented in the only language it knows: images.

I know what it’s like to walk toward that light. And I know what it’s like to emerge all the better for having the courage to take the risk, to make the decision for the good life, to “go for it” regardless of all my so-called imperfections and limitations. WHat I have learned is a person’s “outer life” is a reflection of how you see yourself on the inside. The person you are on the “inside” pre-paves the way for the person you will become on the outside. If your inner you is not equal to the “outer you” – you will literally snap yourself back to where you think you belong. Join me in my program, No thinking. No guesswork. Just follow the instructions and voila – on target. A“simplified roadmap” the key to success in life is learning what works – then continually reinforcing what works.

I am here

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