Many of us are now coming to understand that physical symptoms and illness often begin first in the emotional and mental bodies. We are not just a physical body. We each have an aura of subtle bodies including the etheric, mental, emotional, astral and causal. Energy healers, clairvoyants and shamans are able to feel or see these bodies. 

Our western system of medicine can offer emergency life saving surgeries, as well as  subdue and control symptoms yet the root cause is often not addressed. Because our emotions and thoughts are energy, if they are not expressed ‘in motion’ they can become stuck in the body causing a block in energy flow. Trauma or inherited cellular memory can also result in less than optimal functioning of the meridians of chi or prana flowing through the body.

Reiki and other modalities that work with the energy field can have lasting healing results when the energies causing illness are gently unblocked. Shamanic techniques, which have been the traditional form of physical and psychic healing for thousands of years can remove dark energy intrusions, spirit attachments and offer soul retrieval through energy healing and plant medicine. These modalities coupled with counseling and lifestyle changes show that holistic treatments offer a more sustainable and lasting form of healing. There are many current studies to prove that energy healing works.


Fear of parent, usually the father.

Tension. Trying to control everything.

Unfortunately, when we try to ‘put them out of our mind‘ we then inadvertently often ‘put them into‘ our body.

The body must be heard and your souls’ needs must be met.

So, with the understanding that you must clear away the build-up of emotions to become a happier and healthier person, Sylvia can help you do that using her quick and effective methods that do not require any psychoanalysing.

A positive state of mind is one of the first rules of good health. Here I explain how to break the cycle of negative thoughts to live a healthier life

If you continually focus on this thought it will manifest into a reality of some kind in your internal or external life.

In polarity therapy we are not only concerned with releasing stress and pain from the body but getting a client to recognise their own thought patterns as these may well be the cause of the problem in the first place, or at least a contributory factor.

A positive state of mind is one of the first rules of good health. When you are genuinely joyful you are less likely to struggle with daily functions.

Happiness attracts a greater supply of positive energy into every cell of the body.

Negative thoughts and attitudes, on the other hand, impede the flow of life energy. (THE FLOW hence BED WETTING) They affect our anxiety levels, which has a detrimental effect on our bodily functions, digestion, which in turn results in the cells of our body not being nourished and wastes not being properly eliminated. The result is dis-ease, which usually strikes that part of the body that happens to be the most susceptible due to inherited weaknesses, poor diet, lack of exercise, fresh air and so on.

How you think is how you feel.

Recognize your own thought patterns that may well be causing the problem in the first place!

When your mind is in good health, you feel happier and happiness attracts a greater supply of positive energy into every cell of the body. Whereas, negative thoughts and attitudes impede the flow of life energy.

To give you an example; the way that you think has an affect on everything when you think about not wetting a bed all day long before going to a friends house……?????what happens???????? you become anxious and start thinking way to much about the future, When our system is in trouble it means that the cells of our body are not being nourished and wastes not being properly eliminated. The result is dis-ease,

Breaking negative thought patterns….

Become aware of how you are thinking, what thoughts constantly run around uncontrolled in your mind. How do these thoughts make you feel inside?

Avoid suggesting to your mind thoughts of worry, fear, anger or jealousy, for these thoughts create negative vibrations in your life and will attract ‘that which you put out!


Like attracts like, so loving thoughts and actions will attract love.

In our session I will teach you to STOP using words that bring your SOUL PRINT DOWN FAST!

Affirmations are a positive statement and an easy way to start changing your mindset. Choose ones that suit your needs, such as; “I enjoyvgoing to bed every night ” or “I am calm and peaceful despite what’s going on around me right now”

FOR those of you who work with me use the COIN technique:
Any time you catch yourself thinking negatively, change it to a positive affirmation.(more detail given in session)
ALWAYS: Find the good and praise it within yourself and others( look for something positive about others, environments…etc)
Learn to accept CHANGE with the right attitude..

Strive to opens the heart to the inflow and outflow of Love. Start to re-pattern a new reality for your life through creating positive thoughts and attitudes.

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