The Sun illuminates everything it shines on every when the cloud are present. When you know Who You Are, You can Be Here.

Breathe, visualise energy at the top of your head opening up, reach through the atmosphere and pull down white or golden light and breathe it down into your body all the way to your foot, feeling it luminesce your body and anchor deep into the Earth. As you breathe down just let yourself be aware of each part of your body in a gentle scan. Be aware of thoughts and feelings in different places, places that feel vulnerable, memories that may suddenly arise – AND JUST HOLD, without judging it. Let the energy of the sun shine on this too. Keep going. See how bright you can turn up the radiance in your body. When you come to this day be playful live fully. Open a space to allow this way of being, visions, dreams, awareness of your essence your magificant light and the qualities that channel uniquely through you.

The brain and nervous system, the eyes. The limbic system housing our emotional life and influencing our lower order emotional processing is governed here. The gland is the Pituitary. Keep this energy OPEN at all time it governor your lifeforce. The connection with DIVINE is our essence. Wear your rosse colored glasses. Seeing not through the stories that filter our perception, but with the crystal clarity of Truth. living from withing GODSPEED. The rose colored glasses allow one to dive deep into the childlike energy to free the nervous system to feel soit can heal and the best part is your ability to stay with yourself, your energy not allowing anything to smootherint your radar.

SMILE like a ominprensent light beam awakening and opening wholeness embraced. Hug yourself tightly hold a space safe and protectec. Feel it like a kiss upon your brow. from the divine energy availabel to all. USE THE gift of imaginative – feel the fairy dust sparkel around ayou and withing every cell. In my Yoga class I tell my member to tighten every part of their body and breathe hold a space for a out of sync feeling and when you can ot hold the breathe any longer let it go, and with it the feeling that no longer resinates with your truth.

As you breathe and tap ask to see something from your past clearly, something that you have retained some difficult feelings around. Just hold that something in your awareness and ask for Truth to be revealed. PAUSE ask your pituitary gland to OPEN OPEN OPEN be patient and wait listen, invite truth, freedom.

Invite your family friends to join us here..Hugs

I am here

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