Are you living on autopilot?
Autopilot is a subconscious brain function. We spend 95% of our time in autopilot as we go about our daily experiences. Creatures of habit we think the same thoughts react in the same ways plus repeat the same behavior.
The subconscious conditioning of autopilot is created in childhood based on our environment! .
Examples of auto ?‍✈️:
Drive a familiar route
Prefer before perform task while lost in thought
React to situations and emotions the same way
Engage in conversations while thinking about what to say next…..
Feeling stuck in cycles even though you want to do them differently
Chronic procrastination.?
The brain ? needs more energy than any other organ which is why auto pilot ?‍✈️ becomes our default. It allows the brain to conserve energy. It also keeps us living in cycles ♾ plus patterns of our past without any awareness ?. Living in autopilot ?‍✈️ is like sleepwalking ?through life.
Make a conscious choice to get out of autopilot ?‍✈️ awaken ☀️ live intentionally

Here are some conscious daily practices to learn auto pilot

Be fully present while you do Mundane, tasks or chore

Pause, ?plus breathe?‍♂️ before you react

Meditate ?‍♂️ for five minutes each day plus observe your thoughts as they flow through your mind

Practice something brand new that you’ve never done

Interrupt your pattern once each day with a small new habit

It is only through consistent, new small choices that we transform. Transformation can’t be given to us. It must be practice. Every day. When we respond in new ways, we make new choices and our brain creates new narrow pathways. These pathways are neutral. With repetition, these pathways break up old conditioning. Be patient. Stay committed. Waking up in a lifelong process of returning home to who we actually are.

I am here

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