Learning can be easy with a sprinkle of Movement!💿

For learning events to be impactful, they must be designed with the MIND in mind – both in terms of how the human brain learns, as well as how human’s change our behaviors. research SHOWS the importance of body movement to activate learning: Exercise and physical activity can significantly improve brain structure and function in …

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In order to addressLetting go, when it comes to changing a habit we first must recognize the common obstacles that thwart us from developing. They are most often:  Lack of planning and being unprepared to make a real change Overcommitment: trying to tackle too many changes at once Multitasking: acting on those overcommitments Superficiality: not getting granular on the …



Get Ready for the Love of a Lifetime In Journey Together,  you both design a roadmap to a romance that endures. A  healthy, happy marriage can stand the test of time AND it requires intentional pursuit and a receptive, ready heart. Whether you and your spouse are newlyweds or you’ve been together for decades, your connection will be …

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