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Free Tip 1:
Children are tuned in to every nonverbal queue we give, and our greetings say a lot. They immediately communicate whose relationship we value most. So I always greet the kids first by name. The parents can wait—believe me, they won’t be offended. In fact, they’ll likely be impressed by your attention to their kids and the positive effect it has.
I waste no time. As soon as I meet the kids, I share with them The Big Secret. The Big Secret is priceless. I’m usually giggling to myself when I share it, and it goes something like this: “Listen! Do you guys want to play a trick on your mom and dad?
Are you ready we’re really gonna surprise them and make them laugh a lot, okay?”
The eyes become an amazing tool,
Their imaginations begin to run wild with what you have planned. Because, really, kids have their listening everywhere we go. I set up and to give the kids a great emotional payoff…..
Another Gift I have learned from working with children is opposite to what you might expect, kids don’t usually misbehave because they feel superior or “in control.” Rather, kids more often act out because they feel vulnerable and “out of control.” It’s their attempt to self-protect in a stressful situation. So, make it clear that you’re giving the kids a degree of control from the beginning. If my client won’t stay still, I don’t chastise him or ask him to stop, but I don’t wait silently either. I actually praise the behavior, saying something like this: “Oh, ya! Haha, that’s awesome! Keep jumping up nd down…. What a funny idea. I love that! You are my favorite client ever!Next, I steer us back on course in two incremental steps:

Free Tip 2:
Oh, now do you know how to roll your eyes up for hypnosis?! Can you do that? I avoid saying, “Let’s do a fish face” and instead ask “Do you know how?” which psychologically presents a challenge rather than a direction.Since I’ve suggested something different my clients still feel in control and testing the limits. But in one simple baby step, I’ve actually taken the reigns back.

Free Tip 3:
Now, I wonder if you know how to pretend you’re the sweetest little angel? Look, Mommy. Isn’t he the sweeeetest, most peeeerfect little angel you ever saw, smiling and making you soooo happy. I think I see a halo over your head!” Now you’re getting what you want, too! Then you ask clients if you rather mom, dad or caregiver stay or leave….again transfer of power

Free Tip 4:
The treasure hunt works surprisingly well even for older kids, but it’s ideal for toddlers who don’t understand much verbal direction. You’ll just need a few easy-to-find, pocket-sized items: 1. plastic eggs, 2. deflated balloons, and 3. individually packaged LifeSaver.
First put a packaged LifeSaver gummy and balloon in each egg. Next, hide the items. This setup allows me a couple different strategies which work. More in training…
So, if you are ready to transition and change of a relationship with the child inside of you, your children, or clients. Sometimes letting go of one thing is needed in order to bring in the next thing.

I am here to share what I have learned from the children I work with help you achieve your heart’s desire!
Together, we can

Sure, kids may suffer from short attention spans or have limited vocabulary to understand. But if you had a simple system to overcome all those challenges, wouldn’t you agree kids are naturally the most authentic, animated, and expressive subjects you can imagine? Not to mention their parents adore them and will do just about anything to observe them happy.
To me, that childlike part of us is clearly the ideal kind of subjects for any healer. As you try out these new strategies, I trust you agree.
Have fun, and connect with me online to learn more. or here on FB under Soul Parenting..

PS I offer an amazing gift to parents for $31.99 which will change the destiny of your child for the BEST……….called Angel whispers…


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