As your coach, I share a framework expertly skilled in helping clients achieve more. My coaching tool box gives me an edge as I have been trained in active listening, by asking very powerful questions; help me assist my clients toward solutions that can result in their next level of success.

My training has provided me powerful and insightful questions that I use in each session.


Feel stuck and want to get unstuck
Believe they have stopped growing, personally and/or professionally
Are ready for change but don’t know WHAT changes to make or HOW to make the changes

Do you feel these same things? How often do we feel that we’ve stopped growing or that “something” is preventing us from reaching our own goals?

When it comes to helping clients, I know what questions to ask to uncover the root cause of your issues. I know for me, the answer has, at times a challenge until I embraced being uncomfortable

People tend to resist change. We get so set in our ways that often our first instinct is to reject change—especially if changing isn’t our idea. Our clients’ growth relies heavily on our ability to help them see where they want to be. Change might take the form of challenging the way they think or helping them rethink the very issues they are experiencing.

We also resist change because we like to be comfortable. But when we choose to stay comfortable, we may miss amazing opportunities. Worse yet, we may also miss out on becoming the coach or person that we were truly meant to be.

Recently, I found myself in an uncomfortable place when I was asked to give a keynote speech and lead an interactive workshop for a large corporate audience. While these activities were outside of my comfort zone, helping people at organizations with change is, in fact, consistent with who I am and with my mission to help people overcome the challenges they face. Before accepting the opportunity, as I do with my clients, I asked myself some tough questions to make sure this opportunity matched up with my mission and vision. By taking this step, I was able to navigate through the discomfort and make a great decision to be uncomfortable and to grow.

Because I accepted this challenge and spoke to this audience, many new opportunities have opened up, which I would have certainly missed had I simply avoided being uncomfortable.

As your coach, it is my responsibility to invite what’s uncomfortable and help see the way through it so you can achieve the results they desire.

Why Did I Begin My Business? I remember why I wanted to be a coach? Daily I reflect on who I am and where I am going. My values keeps me grounded and accountable in giving every clients all of me in the NOW. Staying true to my core principles and values.

My clients count on me to ask the right questions so they can uncover the root cause of there limiting belief. for freedom and understanding.

I am here


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