I NEVERE GAVE myself an opportunity to speak to the bully that I allowed to take away my YOUTH….SPEAK about .what HAPPENED TO ME,, ..this is so important….The reason I started healing circle’s, if you ever wish to join in message me!

Sit down in circle


️ talk about yourself…connecting to soul

ASK QUESTIONS ??? I did this ? how it has effected my life? this is what I learned in a therapy sharing circle


️allows one to open this..

A group of soul playing, no investment, no ties, clean slate ….

A reason therapist become great


are able to stay detached….. ….the next time you r angry


giving it to someone who stands strong and separate from situation helps…


so a soul does not live in prolonged resentment…

why its important to speak ….

Triangle conversations…… gossiping or bitching either party feed energy GOOD or BAD …

Being able to say I have a problem with you and speak it. Circle conversations with soul is a tool of understanding what anger is – thereby being able to look beyond the anger — because anger can look like a cornered porcupine. Hard to love and have empathy for someone who looks like there is no way to reach out to. Once you see beyond the manifestation of anger, and learned to look beyond the anger – it becomes easier to then see the hurt, fear, disappointment, anxiety, etc.


alone or with someone…..heals…

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