The moment you feel uncomfortable, it can express itself in many ways. Your body may feel restless or your thoughts fly in all directions. It can help to focus your attention on your body. Place one hand on your belly, one on your heart and breathe in and out consciously. In addition, it can be unconsciously seductive to move along with the trains-of-thought that pass by. Before you know it you have stepped into a train and you become the thoughts. Every time you become aware of it, you step out of the train and let it move by. In this way you become detached from the thoughts, as if you were releasing yourself from the thoughts like a sticker. The thoughts then automatically decreases in strength. This way you can keep a stable ground under your feet while it can feel uneasy around you.

Let your thoughts and stories simply move, without clinging onto them or believing in them shake up old programs, old energy. Various channels have been opened and cleared. In addition, your cells & DNA have received light frequency updates. And that process will continue for a while. This means that old stored energy can now be felt as tension, because it is coming to the surface. Lying and listening to a guided meditation or refined music can help to relax that tension. Surrender as much as possible to what your body tells you. Sleeping and relaxing contribute to the process. That way the light can further descend into your body.

Drink lots of water, rest & relax. Your being can use some loving support.

I came here curious about the magic that connects everything. With a deep knowing that with patience and trust this magic will gradually unfold.

Resistance tries to suppress the flow of life. The curtains that are draped around your essence, created by your mind, affect that natural flow that bubbles deep within you. That vibrant flow of vibrant energy, where your inner truth lives, is the origin of everything. The more you are connected to it in consciousness, the more effortlessly you can move with everything that life brings in your path. Then your mind is in harmony with your heart, you live in surrender and you walk the path of unity consciousness.

I had pushed a large ball under water for years. A ball full of unprocessed emotions. By walking I opened a dialogue where everything could come to the surface step by step andI was given a voice to express itself. That voice was the voice of my inner child. More and more synchronicity in my life began and by bringing my inner world more into harmony, my perception of the outer world automatically changed. I learned what it is to let go of more and more control, not to force changes. on myself, but to wait quietly.

I learned to let go of my judgments about what was right and wrong. It is all part of the whole. That is a label that we put on it ourselves. Low-frequency energy (such as emotions of fear, anger, powerlessness), stored in the form of toxins in your body, help determine your unconscious patterns. Letting go of these toxins and the vital nourishment I took in made sure that old limiting programs (habits and beliefs) were overwritten by new constructive programs connected to the essence of life.

Everything is energy. Everything is frequency.I am grateful for everything that has ever crossed my path. The detour that seemed to block the way were great gifts. They taught me to see that everything is an invitation to get closer to my core and therefore see the core of someone else more easily. It was necessary to be able to feel the unconditional love and freedom that I now carry in my cells. I begin to rewrite my DNA became crystal clear on what I needed to do and than take action, trusting life. I still open and close space within as I learn to move with this trust, one thing for sure is the more Grace I open within myself accepting everything, flowing when needed to and moving as direct the better life gets. I keep working on getting myself out of the way. I’m moving on to the next chapter feeling like something is awaiting me, something amazing filled with more space to love and be loved. Hugs

I am here


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