“You have something called ADHD,” I continue. “And guess what? I have it, too. ADHD means you have a race-car brain. Do you know what a turbocharged engine is?” .

Sometimes it goes too fast. And it needs special motor oil so it won’t overheat. But with the right brakes and oil, it wins lots of races.

How many times have you read a book on ADHD*, and wondered what to do with all that information? How to connect the dots? It can be really hard to figure out the exact steps you need to take to connect your newfound knowledge with your current reality

ADHD work becomes a partnership where the coach and the client work together to overcome whatever challenges are getting in the way of the client’s success. it’s a powerful combination.

Hypnosis session focuses on going back to the root cause, and getting understanding and it makes everything better.

Together we figure out …what ADHD is keeping you from accomplishing? What the barriers are, and get past them so you can achieve what you want most in life.

Areas of concern that are addressed in the coaching part of this work include:
Understanding the impact of ADHD
Time management
Planning and prioritizing
Finding your strengths
Meeting important deadlines
Avoiding procrastination
Maintaining healthy relationships
Focus and distractibility
Life balance

Most clients have specific life goals they want to make progress towards.

How does ADHD coaching work?
ADHD soul hypnosis coaching is designed to meet your needs. During your first session, we’ll discuss how you are after the full session of hypnosis, how you are doing with the daily work. what pitfalls show up and what we need to shift. what you want to achieve, where things stand now, and start to identify long term goals.

In each coaching session, you get to decide what we will work on. It’s important that you come prepared with an agenda. We’ll analyze the issue and get to the ROOT of what’s going on. Then we’ll engage in some problem-solving. I will share lots of TOOLS based on experience. . You’ll the expert on you and I follow your LEAD…. As a team, we will identify one or more things you’re willing to take action on between sessions.

How long will I need coaching?
The duration of ADHD coaching depends on your goals, motivation, and rate of progress, among other things. Expect this process to take at least three months.

What if I just have ADD – with no hyperactivity?
ADD – or Attention Deficit Disorder – is actually an older term that is no longer used by the medical community. So what used to be called ADD is now called ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Presentation. All respond well too coaching.

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