WORKING with clients that have ADHD and the family member has made me a better parent!


Things don’t makes sense to me why he/she fixates so intently on one aspect of our day while simultaneously forgetting to brush her/his hair — for the billionth time. It makes no sense to me why she just has to say the thought that’s in her brain; why she bursts out with the thing, even when I’m asking her to please hold it in for a few more seconds.But eventually I realized that, while I can’t understand her behavior on an instinctual level, I can at least grasp the reasons behind her emotions and behaviors from an intellectual level. So I research her specific problems to find the explanations behind her behaviors. And this pattern has helped me with all three of my children. I no longer barrel through my own opinions of how my children should act. I learn everything I can about their ages and stages, and even their funny quirks. This helps me to not expect too much of them. I learn what they are capable of, and what they still need to learn.


❤️ADHD, and its impulsivity, hyperactivity, and intense emotions, helped me see her behaviors as separate from the child. Seeing the little boy or girl having a hard time I teach parents to PAUSE send divine love and allow them to move through the meltdown. Focus on being CALM sharing DIVINE love, the behavior can be worked on after everyone feels good ..☄️

Once you work with ADHD clients and you help those around them understand the actions are their way of showing you they are struggling to cope rather than being defiant. Family members need to get this one


😁 BE patient. Understanding ADHD minds are fast, busy, full so slow down and chill out when sharing rules, games, and instructions. 😁 Drop the role of parenting and take time to PLAY have fun with your child, this is a destiny changer..❤️ focus on the good things you child does. These seem little and for a child even an adult with ADHD they are HUGE….reward them, for not leaving trails everywhere they go, remembering things, transitions of any kind. getting ready for school in the mornings without an all-out brawl or collapsing on the floor in tears. Negativity NEEDS to takes a back seat, children thrive when those around them have the strength to do this.

plant what you want…Hugs

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